Leg Brace for Adults

6 Functions of Leg Brace for Adults to Help You Deal with Bow Legs

Leg Brace for Adults
Leg Brace for Adults

Have you been getting problems with your leg? Can’t you walk with legs straight? If it has gone like that for longer time than you thought, there must be underlying problem you need to concern yourself about. It might just be bow legs that you are getting. If that is the case then, one of the treatments you can try would be to use leg brace for adults. There are as much as 6 functions that you can surely benefit from it. Let’s see below.

Meant to Replace the Use of a Cane for Support
First than anything, the simple function that leg brace offers to us is about it being able to replace the traditional use of a cane. Surely, you have seen people walking with cane for support or even holding the leg in every step they take. This is not convenient way to walk around and move about, indeed. So, leg brace comes in handy to help you. Worn on the legs, it helps you keep them straight even as you walk. It will be more comfy this way.

Serve Mainly to Keep Certain Weak Points Straight
Adults’ leg braces are not something to hold your body up. It is not quite the right way to put its function into words. It is better to say that leg braces are actually meant to keep straight the weak points in your body. In this case, it would be the ones in your leg. By keeping those points straight, the structure of your bone will do the job to support your weight. As a result, leg brace puts the legs in proper function so you can walk better than before.

Give a Hand to Put Proper Position to Your Legs
Allowing your legs to function properly is not the only thing that leg brace can do. While leg braces for use put proper function to your legs and feet, they also do a good job in keeping them in correct positions as well. Doing so, leg brace will help you position your legs and feet properly. As a result, it will prevent muscle contractures or other deformities from developing and even returning. Wearing leg brace can function this well to benefit you much.

Provide You with Various Types of Brace to Choose
Leg brace is not one helpful tool that appears in one design only. There are up to 4 types of this leg brace and each of them is designed differently to serve for certain purpose better. Basically, the types of leg brace for adults have different level of length in their design. They range from below the knee level to even chest level. Having such variety to choose one from would be nice since you can choose what’s really right for your specific condition.

Offer Nice Flexibility for Both Walking and Sitting
If you are one of those who have weak lower back muscles, surely you would need leg brace at chest level. Since it is connected to the torso, you might have been worried whether or not you can adjust it between walking and sitting. Rest assured! Chest level leg brace has been designed to be pretty flexible to allow you convenient adjustment. There is lockable hinge at the hip after all. It straightens the torso up when walking, and release it when sitting.

Let the Treatment Done While Nicely Concealed
Not all people are confident enough to walk around wearing leg brace on. If you are one of those people, there is nothing for you to worry about actually. Leg brace is easy to conceal for it nicely fits under clothing. Even if it might have been visible if you look at it carefully, it won’t be so at quick glance. Leg brace sure is minimally noticeable. That is why you can wear the brace under jeans or long dresses and move about like nothing’s wrong.

Those are 6 functions you can certainly benefit from leg brace for adults. Remember that the brace is meant for adults only. Even if bow legs can happen to children, this tool is not made to help them. Even so, there is still leg brace for kids too. The one for adults though sure shows lots of promise. It is meant more than just being the replacement of a cane. It benefits you so much while supporting you to walk around and move about like normal.

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What Causes Bow Legs: 6 Ones that You Need to Be Aware Of

Are you one getting bow legs or does your child get it instead? Going by definition, bow legs are the condition where people have legs that curve outwards at the knee when they stand. Both legs will spread apart from each other even though the ankles and feet are togeth

What Causes Bow Legs
What Causes Bow Legs

er. Bow legs are leg deformity that commonly happens among children. Of course, even adults can get this leg issue too. What causes bow legs does vary. Let’s see here.
Bow Legs Cause #1 – Blount’s Disease
This is the most common cause of bow legs. Yes, bow legs can be caused from leg disease to begin with. This disease is known as Blount’s Disease in which it causes abnormal growth in the bones, especially the one of the shin. Both children and adults can experience Blount’s Disease, although doctors can only examine it in children when they have grown older since it is easier to discover it this way. Doctors will use X-rays to do the job here.
Blow Legs Cause #2 – Bone Abnormalities
Indeed, bone abnormalities are mostly what causing bow legs all along. However, it is not just Blount’s Disease that causes it. There is unicameral bone cyst that usually makes the bones become thin and eventually cause fracture. There is also fibrous dysplasia that can even affect more than one bone. Watch out if you ever get such abnormalities. There is always the risk for you to get affected by them and then cause you bow legs deformity.
Bow Legs Cause #3 – Leg Fractures
As it was hinted before, fractures can be the cause of blow legs as well. Well, not all leg fractures cause it though. It is only limited to the ones that don’t easily heal and take lots of time to do so. When it comes to that, bow legs will continue to persist. Leg fractures are quite common happening to people for you can get broken bone if you put excessive amount of force or pressure to the leg whether it is unintentionally or intentionally.
Bow Legs Cause #4 – Rickets Disorder
Other than leg abnormalities and fractures, certain disorder can be what causes bow legs as well. This leg disorder is known as rickets. If you have this disorder, you will get continue to have bow legs even into adulthood. Rickets are the deficient condition of vitamin D. Although this is not something that often happens to people, it won’t hurt to be aware of things, like this. Sometimes, trivial things can lead to dangerous health issues after all.
Bow Legs Cause #5 – Bone Tumors
Of course, tumors can be bow legs cause as well. To be exact, they are the tumors that develop inside the bone. With great groups of abnormal cells in your bone, you get the increased risk of getting bow legs. What’s more? Bone tumors can turn to become cancerous. No matter how you look at it, this is not normal cause of bow legs that you can take lightly at all. Getting bow legs itself has been pretty inconvenient already after all.
Bow Legs Cause #6 – Brittle Bone Disease
Bone disease is not all about tumors only. There is more than one disease that can certainly cause bow legs. Other disease other than tumors would be brittle bone disease. Getting this disease will make your bones become weak. They can be so weak that they can break easily. This disease does not always happen out of the blue, but more likely to happen toward the children who have someone suffered from it in their family history.
There you go. Those are the 6 things of what causes bow legs to happen to people. No matter whether you are children or adults, each individual has the risk of getting this leg deformity. The cause does range from something as simple as vitamin deficiency to hereditary one after all. It is not something that is impossible to cause harm to people. That is why knowing the causes are important. You will be able to know how you should treat this health problem and get your legs normal again.

Bowed Leg Surgery-All You Need to Know

bowed leg surgery
bowed leg surgery

Whether you have someone who is suffering from bow leg or you are the one who is suffering from it, you will still want to know just how you can deal with it. You don’t have to worry. Good thing about this disease is that it can be treated once it is discovered. One of the treatments people can undergo to deal with this disease is none other than bowed leg surgery. Let’s learn some more about this treatment here to better understand it.

What Bow Leg Surgery Treatment Really Is

This surgery we are talking about here is an important treatment to deal with bow leg. Osteotomy is how we call it in medical term. Its aim is precisely to correct the bent leg bones. This is done by simply removing a piece of bone from the damaged joint. In other cases, the surgery is done by adding the bone piece when it is needed. Either way, this surgery is meant to shift the weight of damaged portion to the healthy portion of joint.

The Ideal Patients to Take Bow Leg Surgery
You see, not all people who suffer from bow leg can take this surgery even if it is one of bow leg treatments to try for dealing with the problem. So, who are the ideal patients for this surgery? First than anything, the person must be in good shape, meaning that he/she is not suffering from other major degenerative bone diseases. Other requirement is that the person needs to be less than 60 years old. It will promote the best results ever.

The Procedures Taken in Bow Leg Surgery
Of course, there are procedures that you must take if you ever do surgery for bow leg. To be exact, there are 3 main stages that you need to go through. First, there is operation where special orthopedic device will be fixed on the leg. Second, there is correction where there will be steady correction of the shape of the legs. Third, there is fixation where artificial devices are used to hold the corrected bones in place for about a month.

The Recovery Time from Bow Leg Surgery
It is not like you will be good as new right after your surgery is done. You are taking bowed leg surgery after all, so there must be times when you do feel uncomfortable around your legs. You need time to recover yourself fully after the surgery. We can say that it can take up to 2 whole months for the post-surgery discomforts to disappear. After the time has passed, you should be able to walk around and move about as you wish.

The Recovery Time from Bow Leg Surgery
It is not like you will be good as new right after your surgery is done. You are taking bowed leg surgery after all, so there must be times when you do feel uncomfortable around your legs. You need time to recover yourself fully after the surgery. We can say that it can take up to 2 whole months for the post-surgery discomforts to disappear. After the time has passed, you should be able to walk around and move about as you wish.

Other Alternatives to Deal with Bow Legs
Indeed, the surgery is not the only solution you need to always resort to. In fact, this surgery is meant more for severe cases. If you get mild bow legs then, certain exercises will be quite helpful for you. There is leg strengthening exercises which decrease the amount of strain on your tendons and joints to improve the bow legs. There is also hip adductor exercise which strengthens group of adductor muscle in the hip area to do the job.

Now, then have you come into understanding about bowed leg surgery? Yes, this surgery is one of the ways to deal with bow legs deformity. As clear as it is, it is not the only ways for it. So, this surgery must only be taken if you are having severe bow legs and if you meet other requirements. Although this treatment is quite pricey, it is mostly proven to be effective. If you get mild bow legs, you can always do bow legs exercise to correct it.