What Causes Bow Legs: 6 Ones that You Need to Be Aware Of

Are you one getting bow legs or does your child get it instead? Going by definition, bow legs are the condition where people have legs that curve outwards at the knee when they stand. Both legs will spread apart from each other even though the ankles and feet are togeth

What Causes Bow Legs
What Causes Bow Legs

er. Bow legs are leg deformity that commonly happens among children. Of course, even adults can get this leg issue too. What causes bow legs does vary. Let’s see here.
Bow Legs Cause #1 – Blount’s Disease
This is the most common cause of bow legs. Yes, bow legs can be caused from leg disease to begin with. This disease is known as Blount’s Disease in which it causes abnormal growth in the bones, especially the one of the shin. Both children and adults can experience Blount’s Disease, although doctors can only examine it in children when they have grown older since it is easier to discover it this way. Doctors will use X-rays to do the job here.
Blow Legs Cause #2 – Bone Abnormalities
Indeed, bone abnormalities are mostly what causing bow legs all along. However, it is not just Blount’s Disease that causes it. There is unicameral bone cyst that usually makes the bones become thin and eventually cause fracture. There is also fibrous dysplasia that can even affect more than one bone. Watch out if you ever get such abnormalities. There is always the risk for you to get affected by them and then cause you bow legs deformity.
Bow Legs Cause #3 – Leg Fractures
As it was hinted before, fractures can be the cause of blow legs as well. Well, not all leg fractures cause it though. It is only limited to the ones that don’t easily heal and take lots of time to do so. When it comes to that, bow legs will continue to persist. Leg fractures are quite common happening to people for you can get broken bone if you put excessive amount of force or pressure to the leg whether it is unintentionally or intentionally.
Bow Legs Cause #4 – Rickets Disorder
Other than leg abnormalities and fractures, certain disorder can be what causes bow legs as well. This leg disorder is known as rickets. If you have this disorder, you will get continue to have bow legs even into adulthood. Rickets are the deficient condition of vitamin D. Although this is not something that often happens to people, it won’t hurt to be aware of things, like this. Sometimes, trivial things can lead to dangerous health issues after all.
Bow Legs Cause #5 – Bone Tumors
Of course, tumors can be bow legs cause as well. To be exact, they are the tumors that develop inside the bone. With great groups of abnormal cells in your bone, you get the increased risk of getting bow legs. What’s more? Bone tumors can turn to become cancerous. No matter how you look at it, this is not normal cause of bow legs that you can take lightly at all. Getting bow legs itself has been pretty inconvenient already after all.
Bow Legs Cause #6 – Brittle Bone Disease
Bone disease is not all about tumors only. There is more than one disease that can certainly cause bow legs. Other disease other than tumors would be brittle bone disease. Getting this disease will make your bones become weak. They can be so weak that they can break easily. This disease does not always happen out of the blue, but more likely to happen toward the children who have someone suffered from it in their family history.
There you go. Those are the 6 things of what causes bow legs to happen to people. No matter whether you are children or adults, each individual has the risk of getting this leg deformity. The cause does range from something as simple as vitamin deficiency to hereditary one after all. It is not something that is impossible to cause harm to people. That is why knowing the causes are important. You will be able to know how you should treat this health problem and get your legs normal again.

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